what has two thumbs and just hit 200 followers? this gal. and so to celebrate you 200 crazy people who think i’m worth listening to, i’m doing a giveaway! the lucky winner will receive one jewelry item of their choosing. that’s one pair of earrings OR one necklace OR one bracelet OR one phone charm. examples are shown above. all of the above examples are Kingdom Hearts themed, but if you prefer a different fandom, i am more than willing to branch out; the only restrictions are that it has to fall within my current stock of beads/findings!

  • YOU MUST BE ONE OF MY 200 FOLLOWERS TO WIN. this giveaway is to celebrate that 200 people are now following me, so it is to thank those people! i will definitely be checking to make sure that the winning blog was following me before posting this giveaway, so no cheating. if you have changed your blog name in the interim please make sure to tell me if i contact you so you’re not disqualified!
  • both likes and reblogs count! please only reblog once per day though; i hate it when my dash gets spammed all to hell with giveaways, so don’t do that to your followers.
  • you must have an open Askbox so i can let you know if you’ve won!
  • that’s it that’s all you have to do
  • there are no more rules i just like lists
i will ship worldwide, so international followers are good to go! if you are not currently following me, worry not; i plan to host some more giveaways in the future. followers will always get bonuses though, so if you like Kingdom Hearts, Disney, the Legend of Zelda, or anything else you see posted on my blog, following will have its perks! =D

the contest will end at 11:59pm on August 9th

if the winner reblogged my commissions post from a while back at least three times during its run, they will receive an additional piece for free as thanks for helping me out. thanks for being here, and good luck!!!
♥ Kari

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